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A Calendar of Events for Biblical and Religious Studies
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March 2014
3/19-3/22 Archaeology: Rewriting Early Christian History-Westar Institute Spring 2014 Meeting 
In the past thirty years archaeologists have helped to rewrite the history of the first Jesus movements and emerging Christianity in the Roman World. How does this affect working models of the development of Christianity? And what are the cultural repercussions today? Program Highlights:
• New Discoveries at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee – Jodi Magness
• Ossuaries and the Burials of James and Jesus – Jodi Magness
• Damned Nation – Kathryn Gin Lum
• What can Archaeology tell us about Christian Origins? – Milton Moreland
• Re-Imagining Christian Origins – L. Michael White
• Christianity Seminar
To see the full program, visit
Westar staff can be contacted with questions at 503-375-5323 or
3/27-3/28 SBL Eastern Great Lakes Regional Meeting
Clarion Lake Erie and Bel-Aire Conference Center Erie, PA
More Information.
3/29-3/31 SBL Pacific Coast Regional Meeting
Hope International University, Fullerton, CA
More Information.
3/29-3/30 SBL Rocky Mountains - Great Plains Regional Meeting
University of Denver Denver, CO
More Information.
3/30-4/1 Philo's Readers: Affinities, Reception, Transmission and Influence
Conference will be held at the Maurice R. Greenberg Conference Center at Yale University.
Our conference will center around the Jewish philosophical exegete, Philo. A member of the Jewish elite in early Roman Alexandria, Philo explored the meaning of Torah by uniting Second Temple interpretations and traditions with a Greek philosophical orientation. Philo's interpretations, interpretive strategies, and philosophical explanations provide us with a glimpse into ancient Judaism, particularly the world of Alexandria in the first century CE. This conference will situate Philo in his geographical, philosophical, and ideological context, looking for affinities and precursors in other ancient texts. But Philo does not just offer a glimpse into the past. He also provided a framework and a collection of hermeneutical tools that would prove invaluable to future readers. This conference will thus examine Philo's reception and influence, particularly among Jewish and Christian readers.
More information
April 2014
4/1 Call for Submissions: Practical Matters
Practical Matters is now seeking submissions on the theme of Worship, Ritual and Theory. Practical Matters is an online, multimedia, transdisciplinary journal designed to ask and provoke questions about religious practices and practical theology. Practical Matters is funded by a grant from the Lilly Foundation, Inc. and is supported by Candler School of Theology and the Emory University Graduate Division of Religion. The journal contains both peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed content.

Issue 7 of Practical Matters will be published in three installments—May, August and December of 2014. The submission deadlines will be April 1st for consideration in May, July 1st for consideration in August and November 1st for consideration in December.
 More information 
4/3- 4/5 Material Philology and the Dead Sea Scrolls: New Approaches for New Text Editions
The Dead Sea Scrolls hold a unique position in ancient Mediterranean literature because of the old age of the manuscripts. The bulk of the material has become available to the public both in print and electronically, and a massive interest is taken in reconsidering and developing the theoretical and methodological basis of Dead Sea Scrolls Studies. This conference is initiated because there is a need for up to date, usable text editions for specialists and non-specialists of tomorrow. It is organized by the Qumran Initiative, University of Copenhagen, in cooperation with the project “Biblical Texts Older than the Bible,” University of Agder. See the invitation and call for papers here.
4/4-4/5 SBL Upper Midwest Regional Meeting
Luther Seminary St. Paul, MN
More Information.
4/11 Call for Sermons Deadline
The American Interfaith Institute, in collaboration with Sermons without Prejudice, is putting out a call for “Mindful Sermons of Holy Week,” a campaign which focuses on strengthening intellectual honesty and faithful religious practice. We invite you, as a pivotal member of your community, to address the polemic language found in the Good Friday or Palm Sunday readings to your congregation during Holy Week in a manner which you deem most appropriate. The language found in these specific texts are known to be the most polemic and have led to countless terrorizing acts and perceptions against the Jewish people. If not explained within context, these specific texts may continue to perpetuate similar anti-Judaic thoughts and behavior and may counter much of the effort made to strengthen the relationship between Christianity and Judaism thus far. Addressing the polemics in the Holy Week sermons is one of the most momentous steps Christian leaders can take in solidifying the relationship between G-d’s children.Please send in your sermon by Friday, April 11th. Sermons will be published and promoted to our large network of scholars, religious leaders, interfaith organizations, and individuals who have sincere interest in the subject. All sermons will then be reviewed by our advisory board, comprised of religious leaders and scholars from around the world and a monetary prize of $500 will awarded for the selected entry for the purpose of helping you continue this important mission.
For additional questions, please contact Please consider visiting for additional information and to become a member of our powerful network of scholars and religious leaders.
4/11- 4/12 The Prophetic Voice at Qumran and Contemporary Communities
The Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City has been chosen to host a major exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls entitled, “Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times,” November 22, 2013 — April 27, 2014.

In connection with the conclusion of the exhibit, the museum is hosting an academic conference, “The Prophetic Voice at Qumran and Contemporary Communities.”

The conference is co-sponsored by the Religious Studies Center and the Evans Professor of Religious Understanding at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. We plan to publish the conference proceedings.

For more information, email Dana M. Pike (please put DSS Conference in the subject line)
4/22-4/25 New Testament Society of South Africa Conference
The NTSSA conference will be held at the university of the Free State in Bloemfontein. Those interested in attending must indicate by registering by the 14 April 2014. The theme of the conference is "John and Philo".
For further information please contact Jeremy Punt (chair) or Michael Sokupa (secretary)
4/25 SBL New England/Eastern Canada Regional Meeting
Andover Newton Theological School Newton, MA
More Information.
May 2014
5/9-5/11 SBL Pacific Northwest Regional Meeting
University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta
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5/25-5/29 The Pentateuch within Biblical Literature:Formation and Interaction
This international conference; held at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies in Jerusalem; explores the fundamental research problem defined so clearly by Wellhausen over a century ago. The primary focus will be the formation of the Pentateuch and its dynamic interaction with both the prophetic corpus and the historiographic literature of the Hebrew Bible. Particular attention will be paid to crucial methodological issues such as the problem of narrative continuity in the ancient world, linguistic dating of biblical texts, the significance of archaeology and historical geography, and the relevance of Second Temple literature for understanding the formation of the Pentateuch. The conference, which features several interactive workshop sessions, is structured to encourage significant time for discussion among participants.

The conference organizers are Jan Christian Gertz (Heidelberg University), Bernard M. Levinson (University of Minnesota), Dalit Rom-Shiloni (Tel Aviv University), and Konrad Schmid (University of Zurich).

More information:
5/26-6/6 Nida School of Translation Studies 2014 
Misano Adriatico (Rimini), Italy
Theme: “Translation as Interpretation”

The Nida School of Translation Studies, an annual event that aims to advance research and provide specialized training in translation studies with a focus on religious discourse, invites applications for its 2014 session, which will center on the theme “Translation as Interpretation.”
We are pleased to announce that this year’s Nida Professors will be Timothy Beal (Florence Harkness Professor of Religion at Case Western Reserve University) and Lawrence Venuti (Professor of English at Temple University). Additional faculty for the two-week session will include SBL members Roy Ciampa, Simon Crisp, James Maxey, Philip H. Towner, and Gerald West.
More Information
5/31 Call for Papers Deadline: Biblical Exegesis between East and West
Review of Ecumenical Studies issue 3/2014 invites authors of various confessions to discuss the differences and similarities in the field of Biblical studies and to illustrate the extent to which they have mutually learned from one another. How can an Orthodox Bible scholar employ the historical-critical method? What could a Protestant theologian learn from the Orthodox Biblical exegesis? Is there an Orthodox Biblical exegesis at all? What would be its characteristics and what is the opinion of the rather critical Bible scholars on this approach?
 More information 
June 2014
6/2-6/3 The St Andrews Symposium for Biblical and Early Christian Studies
Ancient Readers and Their Scriptures: The Texts, Reading Strategies and Versions of the Hebrew Bible in Second Temple and Early Judaism
Date: 2-3 June 2014
Location: St Mary's College, University of St Andrews
Call for Papers: Open until 1 February 2014
Registration: Register Here
Speakers: Martin Karrer (Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel), Philip Alexander (University of Manchester), William Tooman (University of St Andrews), Jonathan Norton (Heythrop College London), Susan Docherty (Birmingham), and Willem Smelik (University College London).

Further information can be found at the conference blog.
6/16 MATS 2014, Call for Papers Deadline
The biennial conference of the Melanesian Association of Theological Schools will be held at the Christian Leaders’ Training College, Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea, from 7-11 July 2014. The conference theme, Gospel Responses to Vital Issues Facing the Melanesian World in the 21st Century: Biblical, Theological, Missiological, allows for a wide range of papers addressing church, government, and globalization issues, as well as social, cultural, and moral concerns in Melanesia.
Persons who hold or are undertaking a postgraduate degree in a theology-related field are invited to present 30 minute papers that will be followed by 15 minutes of questions from the audience. Papers on the theme are preferred but others will be accepted.
Send abstracts of 250 words by email (as Word attachments) to Dr. Doug Hanson at and or call (675) 73565595.
6/20-6/22 Jesus and Brian: or What Have the Pythons Ever Done for us?
Conference at King's College London, The Strand, London, England
This ground-breaking conference uses Monty Python's Life of Brian as a scholarly tool to help us consider our own assumptions as we reflect on the New Testament, Jewish history, interpretation and meaning.

Speakers are at the cutting edge of historical Jesus and first-century Judaea scholarship, and include: Martin Goodman, George Brooke, Joan Taylor, Bart Ehrman, Amy-Jill Levine, James Crossley, Philip Davies, Helen Bond, Steve Mason, Adele Reinhartz, James Dunn and Paula Fredriksen.
There will also be celebrity guests, reflecting on the film and its initial reception, and obviously plenty of opportunity for discussion.
A superb conference dinner, with star keynote speaker, will be held at historic Inner Temple, hosted by Rev. Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of Temple Church, on Saturday, June 21st.

Costs: Early registration rate of £180 is available until April 30, 2014, and includes all sessions for three days, with lunches and refreshments provided. Reduced student rate available.The conference dinner is optional, and is available for the supplementary charge of £65.From May 1st, the full conference fee £220 will be charged, also with reduced student rate available.
More Information
6/22-6/25 Society of Asian Biblical Studies (SABS)
The next meeting of the SABS will be held from the 22nd to the 25th of June 2014 (arrival 22nd and departure 26th) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The meeting is jointly hosted by the Church of Christ in Thailand and the McGilvary College of Divinity, Payap University. The theme of the conference is "Violence in the Human and Earth Community - Asian Biblical Response" . More information regarding this conference will soon be posted at Please write to the Secretary for any queries.
6/22-6/25 Rewriting in Luke and Acts: A Conference on Luke’s Literary Creativity
The conference is organized as part of a research project, funded by the Velux Foundation, at the Department for Biblical Exegesis, Faculty of Theology, at the University of Copenhagen.
One of the aims of the project is to critically reassess the validity of the two-source hypothesis. We should say that the organizers of the conference generally lean towards rejecting the existence of Q and thus towards viewing the Gospel of Matthew as one of Luke’s sources. We wish to emphasize, though, that contributors are more than welcome to challenge us at this point.
We welcome contributions that improve our knowledge of the ways in which the author of Luke and Acts “rewrote,” i.e., absorbed and restyled, different strands of biblical texts, whether from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Septuagint, or from what we have come to label the New Testament. We also wish to welcome contributions that explore Luke’s handling of non-biblical material (e.g., Philo, Josephus, Greco-Roman literature), provided that this handling may be categorized as a form of rewriting.

Paper proposals are to be submitted to Prof. Mogens Müller ( before January 6, 2014.

The conference will be held at Comwell Hotel in Roskilde (Denmark) ( All expenses for food and accommodation (though not travel) will be paid for by the organizers.

For more information:
6/23-6/26 The Gospel of John as Genre Mosaic
A conference on the Fourth Gospel and genre criticism at Aarhus University, Denmark. Invited speakers: Harold W. Attridge (Yale), Colleen Conway (Seton Hall), Jörg Frey (Zürich), George Parsenios (Princeton), Troels Engberg-Pedersen (Copenhagen) et al. Organizers: Kasper Bro Larsen (kbl[at] and the research unit in New Testament Studies at Aarhus University. For further information and call for papers (deadline Jan 10, 2014), please see the conference website at
July 2014
7/1-7/4 Meeting of the Society of Indonesian Biblical Scholars (ISBI)
The next meeting of the ISBI will be held from the 1-4 July 2014 in Manado, North Celebes. The meeting is jointly hosted by STAKN Manado dan STFK Pineleng. The theme of the conference is “Monotheism in Bible and Local Religions.” For more information regarding this conference please write to ISBI’s President Rev Agus Santoso or via ICI liaison Martin Harun.
7/6- 7/10 SBL International Meeting
We are very happy to partner with the European Association of Biblical Studies for the 2014 meeting, at the University of Vienna
More information 
7/7-7/11 MATS 2014
The biennial conference of the Melanesian Association of Theological Schools will be held at the Christian Leaders’ Training College, Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea, from 7-11 July 2014. The conference theme is Gospel Responses to Vital Issues Facing the Melanesian World in the 21st Century: Biblical, Theological, Missiological.

For more information email Dr. Doug Hanson at and or phone (675) 73565595.
7/14- 7/16 Matthew Henry: The Bible, Prayer, and Piety
Matthew Henry (1662–1714) is remembered today by two major groups of scholars: by historians as a leading figure among early eighteenth century dissenters, and brother of the diarist, Sarah Savage; and by theologians and biblical scholars for his Exposition of the Old and New Testaments. This monumental work, which had already been published in 25 different editions by 1855, is used widely even today in print and online versions. Yet Henry’s famous commentary is by no means the only expression of his engagement with the Scriptures. Amongst his 30 further publications, most of which were published in the final years of his life (and many of which were later republished with extracts from his letters and diaries by Sir John Bickerton Williams), his many sermons and works on Christian Piety (including the still popular Method for Prayer, 1710) are saturated with Henry’s peculiarly practical approach to the Bible.
To commemorate the tercentenary of the death of Matthew Henry (22 June 1714) and his 25-year ministry in Chester (1687–1712), the University of Chester, in collaboration with Chester Cathedral Library and the University of Manchester, is holding an interdisciplinary conference (14th–16th July 2014) to bring together historians, biblical scholars, and theologians to explore the work, context, and legacy of Matthew Henry, especially as it relates to his engagement with and use of Scripture. With keynote lectures from Prof. Clyde Binfield, Dr Ligon Duncan, Dr David Wykes, and Prof. Jeremy Gregory, this conference will not only offer a fresh opportunity to appreciate Henry’s ministry within the local context of Chester, it will also evaluate Henry in a wider historical context, and consider his contribution to the interpretation of the Bible in the early 18th century and its legacy up to the present day.
For further information and booking, see Residential £160; Non-residential £95.

CALL FOR PAPERSProposals for 25-minute papers are invited on any aspect of Matthew Henry’s context, life and work, or reception, including but not limited to: • Religion and dissent in 17th- and 18th-century England (particularly Cheshire and Lancashire);• Use of the Bible in the 17th and 18th centuries;• The reception and impact of Matthew Henry’s work;• The Bible and prayer in the 17th and 18th centuries;• Matthew Henry’s contribution to Christian spirituality and prayer. We welcome contributions from both senior and junior scholars with interests in the history of the period and the reception of the Bible. Abstracts of not more than 300 words, together with the name and institutional affiliation of the proposer should be sent to by 28th February 2014.
August 2014
8/6-8/9 The Bible in American Life Conference
The culmination of a three-year study, the conference will have as its touchstone The Bible in American Life Report released in February 2014. This report, the result of survey questions on both the General Social Survey and the National Congregations Study III, offers sociological data about the role of the Bible in the daily lives of Americans. Conference papers need not interact with the report directly, but we encourage proposals that consider some of the report’s findings in their larger historical, cultural, sociological, or theological contexts.
The Bible in American Life Project seeks to provide the first large-scale investigation of the Bible in American life. It is driven by the recognition that though the Bible has been central to Christian practice throughout American history, many important questions remain unanswered in scholarship, including how people have read the Bible for themselves outside of worship, how denominational and parachurch organizations have influenced interpretation and application, and how clergy and congregations have influenced individual understandings of scripture. These questions are even more pressing today as denominations are losing much of their traditional authority, technology is changing people’s reading and cognitive habits, and subjective experience is continuing to eclipse textual authority as the mark of true religion.
More information
September 2014
9/17- 9/20 Thirteenth International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa
The call for papers for the Thirteenth International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa is now open. The congress will be held in Rome at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. It will be focused on the In Canticum canticorum. Proposals are due by the end of May 2014. Contact persons: Giulio Maspero and Miguel Brugarolas.
More information 
October 2014
November 2014
11/22- 11/25 SBL Annual Meeting
The SBL Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of biblical scholars in the world. Each meeting showcases the latest in biblical research, fosters collegial contacts, advances research, and focuses on issues of the profession. The Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego, California
More information will be forthcoming 
January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
April 2015
4/8-4/10 Ministerium Sermonis’: International Conference on North African Patristic Sermons
On 8-10 April 2015 the research units History of Church and Theology and Literary Studies: Latin Literature of the University of Leuven will organize, in collaboration with the Augustinian Historical Institute of Malta, an International Conference on North African Patristic Sermons. This conference, which will be supported by the Scientific Committee of the Series Latina of the Corpus Christianorum (Brepols Publishers) and the review Augustiniana (Heverlee/Leuven), will bring together scholars who have recently made important contributions to the study of patristic homiletics.

The conference will take place in Malta, at the Augustinian Historical Institute. It is meant as a sequel to the conferences organised in Leuven/Turnhout (30-31 May 2008) and Rome (15-17 September 2011) entitled ‘Ministerium sermonis’, the proceedings of which have been published in Instrumenta Patristica et Mediaevalia 53 and 65 (Brepols, Turnhout 2009 and 2012). While the previous two conferences focussed on Augustine’s preaching, the 2015 conference will be dedicated to the broader field of patristic sermons in Latin North Africa.
If you would like to deliver a lecture during this conference, please send the provisional title, abstract (max. 500 words) and a concise CV (max. 500 words) before 1 June 2014,
May 2015
5/7-5/9 East-West Theological Forum
The 4th conference of the East-West Theological Forum will be held on 7-9 May 2015 at Sogang University, Seoul, Korea.
The 2015 conference has been called for on the theme: "Crisis and Hope: The Church in a Changing World". We cordially invite you to our coming conference and to submit papers for EWTF Prize (10,000 US$) or proposals for parallel session. 
 More information 
June 2015
July 2015
August 2015
8/23-8/29 Call for panels: XXI World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions
We invite contributions from all disciplines of religious studies and related fields of research to allow for broad, interdisciplinary discussion of the Congress topic to register their panels for the XXI World Congress of the IAHR. Panels should address one of the four thematic Congress areas: Religious communities in society: Adaptation and transformation; Practices and discourses: Innovation and tradition; The individual: Religiosity, spiritualities and individualization; or Methodology: Representations and interpretations.
Deadlines will be announced on the website:
More information 

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