The Society of Biblical Literature was founded in 1880 to foster biblical scholarship.
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The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest international scholarly membership organization in the field of biblical studies. Founded in 1880, the Society has grown to over 8,500 international members including teachers, students, religious leaders and individuals from all walks of life who share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible.
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Israelite Religion, Hebrew Bible, & Early Judaism
Israelite Prophecy and the Deuteronomistic History: Portrait, Reality, and the Formation of a History
Mignon R. Jacobs and Raymond F. Person, Jr., editors
Essays from a variety of perspectives draw from recent work to explore the relationship of prophecy to the Deuteronomic History, including the historical reality of prophecy behind the literature and the portrayal of prophecy within the literature. PaperHardcover
Interested Readers: Essays on the Hebrew Bible in Honor of David J. A. Clines
James K. Aitken, Jeremy M. S. Clines, and Christl M. Maier, editors
Readers of the Hebrew Bible are interested readers, bringing their own perspectives to the text. The essays in this volume, written by friends and colleagues who have drawn inspiration from and shown interest in the scholarship of David Clines, engage with his work through examining interpretations of the Hebrew Bible in areas of common exploration: literary/exegetical readings, ideological-critical readings, language and lexicography, and reception history. PaperHardcover
Formation and Intertextuality in Isaiah 24–27
J. Todd Hibbard and Hyun Chul Paul Kim, editors
The formation and interpretation of Isaiah 24–27, the "Isaiah Apocalypse," are important for understanding Isaiah's compositional history, emerging religious thought in the Persian Period, and scribal techniques for late biblical materials. The volume explores these and other issues and outlines new directions. PaperHardcover
Valuable and Vulnerable: Children in the Hebrew Bible, especially the Elisha Cycle
Julie Faith Parker
Arguing that the writers of the Hebrew Bible recognized children as different from adults and shaped their stories accordingly, the author introduces a new methodology of childist interpretation and applies it to the Elisha cycle and its forty-nine child characters. Hardcover
Adam and Eve in the Armenian Traditions, Fifth through Seventeenth Centuries
Michael E. Stone
This book presents twelve hundred years of Armenian versions of the Genesis 1–3 stories. Prose, poetry, homilies, commentaries, calendary and mathematical texts contribute to an unparalleled collection of all significant Armenian Adam and Eve narratives from the fifth to the seventeenth century. PaperHardcover
Matthew J. Goff
This book contains a critical edition, translation, and commentary of the main fragments of 4QInstruction, the largest wisdom text of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It examines particular texts of 4QInstruction; the composition’s date, genre, and main themes; and its place in Second Temple Judaism. PaperHardcover
Zer Rimonim: Studies in Biblical Literature and Jewish Exegesis Presented to Professor Rimon Kasher
Michael Avioz, Elie Assis, and Yael Shemesh, editors
This collection of original papers, written in modern Hebrew, honors Rimon Kasher of Bar-Ilan University, whose interests include the Aramaic Targum, the Book of Ezekiel, biblical theology, and more. The contributors, from Israel and elsewhere, are specialists in Bible, the ancient Near East, medieval interpretation, and Masorah. PaperHardcover
Postcolonialism and the Hebrew Bible: The Next Step
Roland Boer, editor
A postcolonial interpretive perspective brings together class, gender, race, sexuality, psychology, and ideology. Here an international group of authors focuses on biblical texts using postcolonial methodology, explores interactions between Bible and colonial context, and considers theoretical issues. PaperHardcover
Studia Philonica Annual XXV, 2013
David T. Runia and Gregory E. Sterling, editors
The Studia Philonica Annual is a scholarly journal devoted to the study of Hellenistic Judaism, particularly the writings and thought of the Hellenistic-Jewish writer Philo of Alexandria (circa 15 B.C.E. to circa 50 C.E.). This volume includes a special section on Philo’s Ancient Readers. Hardcover
Reading the Dead Sea Scrolls: Essays in Method
George J. Brooke with the assistance of Nathalie LaCoste
Arguing that multiple contemporary methods should now be applied in studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, these essays also illustrate how some traditional critical methods need to be refined in Scrolls study. The volume makes challenging and innovative technical essays more widely available. PaperHardcover
Women at Work in the Deuteronomistic History
Mercedes L. García Bachmann
To help readers appreciate the place that female workers played in their ancient socio-economic and literary contexts, this work examines the key texts in the Deuteronomistic History that mention women in service occupations: slaves and dependents, cooks, wet nurses, childcare givers, prostitutes, and scribes. PaperHardcoverE-book (pdf)
XIV Congress of the IOSCS, Helsinki, 2010
Melvin K. H. Peters, editor
This volume represents the current state of Septuagint studies as reflected in papers presented at the triennial meeting of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS). PaperHardcover
The Book of Jubilees: Rewritten Bible, Redaction, Ideology, and Theology
Michael Segal
Almost all scholars have viewed the book of Jubilees as the work of a single author, applying to the book methods of analysis determined primarily by its literary genre, Rewritten Bible. This study suggests rather that the editor of Jubilees adopted extant reworked sources, and added his own legal and chronological framework. Paper

New Testament and Christianity
Early Christian Reader
Steve Mason and Tom Robinson, editors
This volume, designed for classroom use, reflects contemporary trends in the study of an important and complex biblical text. Essays address major interpretive issues and emphasize the importance of interpreting Hebrews in light of its ancient Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman contexts. Hardcover
Textual History and the Reception of Scripture in Early Christianity: Textgeschichte und Schriftrezeption im frühen Christentum
Johannes de Vries and Martin Karrer, editors
The early Christian quotations from Israel’s scriptures are not only of theological significance but also part of the textual history of the Septuagint and adjacent textual traditions of the Greek and Hebrew Old Testament. The contributions of the volume summarize an international research project. PaperHardcover
Discourses of Empire: The Gospel of Mark from a Postcolonial Perspective
Hans Leander
Alleging that Mark has "empire" woven into its basic fabric, this volume of postcolonial criticism offers a unique dual analysis of Mark in its ancient context of the Roman Empire and in the context of nineteenth century European colonialism. PaperHardcover
A User’s Guide to the Nestle-Aland 28 Greek New Testament
David Trobisch
This guide introduces the complex new edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 28 Edition, explaining its structure, the text-critical apparatus and appendices, and the innovations of the new edition. PaperHardcover
Imprints, Voiceprints, and Footprints of Memory: Essays of Werner H. Kelber
Werner H. Kelber
Sixteen essays refocus New Testament studies from the predominantly literary and source-critical model toward an oral, scribal, memorial, performative model, placing the New Testament into the context of ancient communications media and exposing the print mentality dominating professional study of the ancient texts. PaperHardcover
Rethinking Paul’s Rhetorical Education: Comparative Rhetoric and 2 Corinthians 10–13
Ryan S. Schellenberg
Scholars debate whether Paul had formal or informal training in Greco-Roman rhetoric. Using 2 Corinthians 10–13, Schellenberg demonstrates that Paul’s rhetorical strategies are also attested in speakers without formal training. The appearance of these strategies does not constitute evidence that Paul received formal rhetorical education.PaperHardcover
The Galilean Economy in the Time of Jesus
David A. Fiensy and Ralph K. Hawkins, editors
Making use of archaeological evidence, scholars use the tools of archaeology, biblical studies, and the social sciences to analyze and debate the economic situation and standard of living in first century C.E. Galilee during the time of Jesus. PaperHardcover
John Chrysostom, Homilies on Philippians
Pauline Allen
Chrysostom’s sixteen homilies on Paul’s letter to the Philippians are translated in this volume. The introduction evaluates two earlier translations, situates Chrysostom in the patristic traditions of Pauline commentaries on Philippians, and considers questions of provenance, audience, and collection. PaperHardcover
Sedulius, The Paschal Song and Hymns
Carl P. E. Springer
The book includes an introduction situating Sedulius in historical and literary contexts; the Latin text of his poetic works with English translation on facing pages, accompanied by notes; appendices with texts and translations of incidental related materials, and a bibliography and index. PaperHardcover
The Bible as Christian Scripture: The Work of Brevard S. Childs
Christopher R. Seitz, editor
This memorial volume displays and evaluates the canonical approach of Brevard S. Childs with fresh exegetical and hermeneutical contributions by an international variety of both established and younger Old and New Testament scholars, church historians, and theologians. PaperHardcover
Tatian’s Diatessaron: Its Creation, Dissemination, Significance, and History in Scholarship
William L. Petersen
A gospel harmony composed around 172 C.E., the Diatessaron is one of the earliest witnesses to the gospels. This study is the first comprehensive treatment of the Diatessaron in more than a century. After sketching the second-century setting and Tatian’s biography, it describes virtually every Diatessaronic witness and provides a scholar-by-scholar summary of research from 546 to the mid-1990s. Paper

 Archaeology and Ancient Near East
Gods in Dwellings: Divine Presence in the Ancient Near East
Michael B. Hundley
This volume examines the major temples and the gods who inhabit them in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Hittite Anatolia, and Syria-Palestine, exploring the common themes in each region and offering a wide interpretive lens through which to view them. PaperHardcover
Tel Dan in Its Northern Cultic Context
Andrew R. Davis
This book provides a detailed description of the temple complex at the site of Tel Dan in northern Israel during the Iron Age. The author puts archaeological and biblical data in dialogue to develop a portrait of Iron Age worship at the temple. PaperHardcover
Royal Hittite Instructions and Related Administrative Texts
Jared L. Miller
This book is the first collection of the entire corpus of Hittite Instruction texts in one accessible volume, newly translated with introductory essays, references to the original sources and secondary literature, and thorough indices. PaperHardcover
Prophets Male and Female: Gender and Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Ancient Near East
Jonathan Stökl and Corrine L. Carvalho
Biblical scholars and scholars of the ancient Mediterranean consider Old Testament prophetic texts, prophecy in ancient Mesopotamia and in early Christianity. Using the most current theoretical categories, they demonstrate how essential a broad definition of gender is to understand both the delivery and content of ancient prophecy.PaperHardcover
The Forgotten Kingdom: The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel
Israel Finkelstein
Using the most updated field research and biblical studies, this first comprehensive history of the Northern Kingdom deals with the archaeology and history of northern Israel from the late Bronze Age until the Northern Kingdom's fall in 720 BCE and beyond. PaperHardcover • E-book (pdf)
Wisdom from the Late Bronze Age
Yoram Cohen
This volume presents a collection of Mesopotamian wisdom compositions and proverb collections from Late Bronze Age Near Eastern sites. The book incorporates recently published manuscripts that have not yet been presented in an English translation. PaperHardcover
The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the Eighth and Seventh Centuries B.C.E.
Antoon Schoors. Translated by Michael Lesley
After reconstructing the history of Assyria’s domination of Israel and Judah (750–650 B.C.E.), Schoors explores how the circumstances of the period affected the creation or editing of texts in the Pentateuch, the Former and Latter Prophets, and Proverbs. PaperHardcover
The Great Name: Ancient Egyptian Royal Titulary
Ronald J. Leprohon
This volume is a comprehensive catalog of the titulary of the ancient Egptian kings from the so-called Dynasty 0 (ca. 3200 B.C.E.) to the last Ptolemaic ruler in the late first century B.C.E., offered in transliteration and English translation with an introduction and notes. PaperHardcover • E-book (pdf) forthcoming
The Philistines and Other "Sea Peoples" in Text and Archaeology
Ann E. Killebrew and Gunnar Lehmann, editors
The essays in this book, representing recent research in the fields of archaeology, Bible, and history, reassess the origins, identity, material culture, and impact of the Philistines and other Sea Peoples on the Iron Age cultures and peoples of the eastern Mediterranean. PaperHardcover

Biblical Studies
Beauty and the Bible: Toward a Hermeneutics of Biblical Aesthetics
Richard J. Bautch and Jean-François Racine, editors
Seven essays informed by the contemporary study of aesthetics focus on beauty in the Bible. Covering texts in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, they consider beauty from the perspectives of modern philosophy, contextual criticism, and the postcritical return to beauty's primary qualities. PaperHardcover
Fragile Dignity: Intercontextual Conversations on Scriptures, Family, and Violence
L. Juliana Claassens and Klaas Spronk, editors
These essays, based on collaboration between two Dutch and South African theological schools, consider the concept of human dignity. Reflecting on both theoretical aspects and social ramifications, they explore how families and society fail to protect human life and dignity. PaperHardcover
The King James Version at 400: Assessing Its Genius as Bible Translation and Its Literary Influence
David G. Burke, John F. Kutsko, and Philip H. Towner, editors
Twenty-eight papers from three anniversary symposia celebrate the genius of the King James Bible and its 400-year longevity. They are organized into sections covering its historical context, its reception and literary influence, and its place in the history of Bible translation. PaperHardcover
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