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Regional Coordinators Committee

Interview with Stacy Davis on the SBL Regional Coordinators Committee

The Regional Coordinators Committee consists of liaisons from the eleven SBL regions in North America. Coordinators report regional activities, award grants, and nominate scholars. Members of this committee serve a three-year term, renewable for a second term.
Regional Coordinator Description

Responsibilities include the following:
  • To facilitate annual regional meetings that foster biblical scholarship according to the standards valued by the SBL
  • To oversee the Regional Scholars Award program
  • To evaluate the distribution of topics and sessions among program units 
  • To set and evaluate participation policies
  • To maximize participation without compromising quality
  • To consider the structure of the meeting and its capacity to incorporate new ways of thinking or methods of research
Committee handbook

Members of the committee:

Name Region Term Years of Term
Amy Balogh Rocky Mountain-Great Plains 1 2022-2024
J. Blake Couey Upper Midwest 2 2022-2024
Stacy Davis Midwest 2 2022-2024
Matthew Easter Central States 2 2022-2024
Douglas Hume Southeast 1 2021-2023
Jennifer Jones Pacific Northwest 1 2020-2022
Brad Kelle Pacific Coast 2 2021-2023
Paul Kim (chair) Eastern Great Lakes 2 2020-2022
Shelly Matthews Southwest 1 2021-2023
Kevin McGinnis New England/E Canada 1 2021-2023
Melvin Sensenig Mid Atlantic 1 2021-2023

Chris Hooker - Staff Liaison


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