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Status of Women in the Profession Outstanding Service in Mentoring Awards

Each year at the SBL Annual Meeting, CSWP honors women who have been excellent mentors to women in the field. These mentors have provided invaluable guidance, advice, and encouragement. They serve as role models and assist other women in navigating career choices, building professional networks, and developing strategies for personal growth and work-life balance. By virtue of their mentorship, they have taken us a step further in promoting gender equity, gender diversity, and women’s professional status in the field. CSWP honors mentors in order to recognize their contributions and to encourage mentoring relationships.

Recognizing that mentorship looks different in various cultural contexts, we invite members to nominate women who they see as outstanding mentors. This could include those who they see as going above and beyond for others, acting as role models, helping others to gain insight and confidence, providing substantive feedback and encouragement, opening up access to opportunities and professional development, and helping people to find intellectual homes in the field. We take an expansive view of mentorship, recognizing that a mentor does not necessarily have to be a doctoral advisor or sponsor, and can include mentors at all stages of their career. 

To nominate a member, please send your nomination with a descriptive letter of endorsement to Meira Kensky ( Your letter should include specific examples of how the mentor supported you and others in some of the ways outlined above (or other ways). We welcome letters written by multiple senders; letters should describe the impact the mentor has had on the nominator(s) over the course of their career. Nominations should be received by June 1. 

Please join us in congratulating the 2021 Status of Women in the Profession Mentor Award recipient:

      cswp-mentor 2021     

Mary Foskett is Wake Forest Kahle Professor at Wake Forest University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate MA students in the Department for the Study of Religions and served as a faculty co-founder and inaugural director of the WFU Humanities Institute. Her published articles, essays, monographs, and edited volumes include A Virgin Conceived: Mary and Classical Representations of Virginity (Indiana University Press) and Ways of Being, Ways of Reading: Asian-American Biblical Interpretation, co-edited with Jeffrey Kah-Jin Kuan (Chalice Press). Foskett is an active participant in the SBL and a past member and Chair of the SBL Council.


Past Mentor Award recipients include:

2020 - Devorah Dimant
2019 - Elizabeth A. Castelli and Beverly Roberts Gaventa
2018 - Karen H. Jobes
2017 - Eileen Schuller
2016 - Gale Yee
2015 - April DeConick
2014 - Ann Brock
2013 - Elizabeth Struthers Malbon and Cheryl Kirk-Duggan
2012 - Helen R. Graham, M.M.
2011 - Barbara Reid and Musa Dube
2010 - Adele Reinhartz and Pamela Milne
2009 - Kathleen O'Brien Wicker 
2008 - Carol Meyers
2007 - Sharon Ringe
2006 - Marion Taylor and Donna Dykes
2005 - Mary Rose D'Angelo, Toni Craven, and Carol Newsom
2004 - Carolyn Osiek and Rebecca Idelstrom
2003 - Susan Hollis, Adele Reinhartz and Katharine Doob Sakenfeld
2002 - Athalya Brenner, Adela Yarbro Collins, Joanne Dewey, Ross Kraemer, and Phyllis Trible
2001 - Agneta Enermalm Tsiparis and Amy-Jill Levine


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