Philo's Doctrine of Apokatastasis: Philosophical Sources, Exegetical Strategies, and Aftermath

I will investigate Philo’s notion of the restoration (apokatastasis) of the soul and its probable roots in Greek philosophy, in the light of a research I am carrying on into Greek philosophical notions of apokatastasis, as well as into the theme of the illness, death, and restoration of the soul in early imperial philosophy (including Roman philosophy). The Scriptural foundation of Philo's doctrine of the apokatastasis of the soul has to be taken into account as well, but through Philo’s allegorico-philosophical filter. It will emerge from this examination that Philo is far from an eschatological orientation and his concept of apokatastasis bears no relation to the doctrine of universal salvation. Nevertheless, he must be credited with being one of the main inspirers of Origen's thought and exegesis in general, and of his doctrine of apokatastasis in particular.