The Society of Biblical Literature was founded in 1880 to foster biblical scholarship.
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The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest international scholarly membership organization in the field of biblical studies. Founded in 1880, the Society has grown to over 8,500 international members including teachers, students, religious leaders and individuals from all walks of life who share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible.
Bible Odyssey Website Project News
Update July 2014:

Bible Odyssey has launched:

Update July 2013: The build-out of the site is complete and initial testing is continuing. The first hundred articles have been entered and are added to every day. We are still on target to launch in early 2014.

The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) has received a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant to develop an interactive website that would improve public understanding of the Bible and its contexts.

This website, Bible Odyssey, will support and foster the large public interest in matters biblical and will draw on the work of SBL members. In a time of academic departmental cutbacks, this is an opportunity to demonstrate to the public the value to society that biblical scholars offer.

Project Overview
After receiving an NEH Planning Grant in 2009, SBL was awarded an implementation grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in 2011 to build a website for general audiences on the Bible and its contexts. will be a member written, member reviewed, free website that shares key insights from the field and showcases the diverse interests and approaches within the guild.

The website will be multimedia, with photographs, artworks, videos, essays, maps, timelines, interactive games, multiple texts of the Bible, and the HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (condensed edition). The style will be accessible to general audiences, similar to a news magazine. 

The site is organized around key people, places, and passages of the Bible. These were determined by an extensive survey and through advisory board consultations and include a mix of known and lesser-known topics. The site will launch with over a thousand entries and will continue to grow as members add content.

Bible Odyssey launches in the Spring of  2014. The target audience is the general public, including college students, journalists, clergy, and others interested in learning about the Bible from the perspective of humanities scholarship.

2011-2014 Editorial Board

Timothy Beal, Case Western Reserve (2014)
Brennan Breed, Columbia Theological Seminary (2016)
Marc Brettler, Brandeis University (2014)
Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch, Greensboro College (2014)
Michael Chan, Luther Seminary (2016)
James Charlesworth, Princeton University (2014)
Nicola Denzey Lewis, Brown University (2014)
Paul Dilley, University of Iowa (2015)
Jennie Ebeling, University of Evansville (2016)
Mark Goodacre, Duke University (2014)
Carol Meyers, Duke University (2014)
Mark Allan Powell, Trinity Lutheran Seminary (2014)
Sarah Shectman, Stanford University (2015)
Elizabeth Shively, University of St. Andrews (2016)
Samuel Thomas, California Lutheran University (2016)
Jacob Wright, Emory University (2014)

Request for SBL Member Participation
We invite SBL members to contribute rights-free images, maps, video,multimedia, and other content suitable for the subject areas listed below. Please log in with your SBL ID to view project details or to contact the managing editor.   


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